No Invitation Needed {7.18.16}

Yesterday, my husband decided to paint the safety lines in our church parking lot. He asked if I wanted to come along and help. Now, I know my limitations so I made sure he understood that painting straight lines was probably not one of my skills or talents.  I can color inside the lines but drawing a straight line even with a ruler can sometimes be tricky. But, since I was willing, I got the assistant’s job. safety lines down hill I have to admit I had not even consciously noticed that the lines had nearly all faded away. That’s something that my husband does well. He sees a need and if possible, takes care of it. If he sees someone who needs help and he can help, he does. We don’t have to wait to be asked. NO INVITATION NEEDED. Sometimes we think that another will do it. Sometimes we think we don’t have the time or skills. But, most of the time, all God wants is a willing heart. I think about this scripture:

James 4:17 – “Anyone, then, who knows the good he ought to do and doesn’t do it, sins.”

Well, the day was not without some humor. We got down the hill and were almost out of paint so we decided to tackle the crosswalk on the other drive. We almost finished it when a downpour seemed to come out of nowhere. safety lines running We hurried to the truck and left our paint tray (pretty much empty) and rollers where they were. At the top of the hill were our paper towels, some other tools, etc. [So much for the paper towels. They turned to mush.] Anyway, we got in the truck which was facing opposite the painted walkway. When we turned around and looked back at our painted lines, we saw yellow paint running down the hill in water.  So much for our crosswalk lines. We just laughed at ourselves. We needed more paint anyway so I guess we’ll get that done the next time. Thankfully, the other lines we painted were dry before the rain came pouring down. The lines may not be straight, but you can see them. safety lines up hill

There is a lesson in this for me. I need to be more aware of the people and situations around me. I wonder how many opportunities God has put before me that I missed.  It may be a hot meal for someone who can’t cook. It just might be a hug to someone who is lonely or hurting. We all have something to offer if we just take the time to recognize the need and step out in faith.  I’m going to try to keep my eyes open. How about you?