Snow White {12.2.16}

This has been kind of a long drawn out series of posts. snow-white-and-birdThank you for bearing with me. Even I got kind of tired looking at lessons God can give me through this movie. But, I believe He led me there so I went. Well, finally, here we are – the last installment.

I think the first thing we all notice about Snow White in the movie is that she is outwardly beautiful. That’s what caused all her trouble, didn’t it? The Queen was jealous of her beauty and thus the beginnings of evil thoughts entered her mind and grew until she acted upon those thoughts. snow-white-and-appleThat’s how Satan gets us. We allow him to put a foot in the door and pretty soon he owns our house (which if we are Christians, belongs to GOD!). The good news is that God always gives us a way of escape so we can withstand those attacks that come our way. Snow White was no exception. She was able to escape. Even though she was afraid, she took that step of faith and ran like her life depended on it and it appeared that it did – literally.

We quickly realize that Snow White’s beauty is NOT only skin deep but comes from her heart. She has joy in the midst of her terrible troubles. She doesn’t know what is going to happen to her and I’m sure she felt very alone. It reminds me of the verses in (Hebrews 11). Those always get me. Faithful followers of God stepping out even when they had no idea how it was going to turn out. Faith. Trust. Obedience.

Snow White shows us that we truly can be content in all circumstances. She also walks out the words of (Colossians 3:17). Life is full of ups and downs, hills and valleys, sunshine and rain. However, God is in all of those times and He has a plan for us – a good plan, a perfect plan. (Jeremiah 29:11) All things work out for the good of those who are called by His Name and walk in His Ways. snow-white-and-princeOur job is to remember that ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE WITH GOD (Mark 10:27) and if we give him what we have, He can multiply it beyond our beliefs. All for Him. All for His Glory. All for Our Good.

Lessons I learned from Snow White:  Do right, even when it is hard. Count your blessings, even if your hardships are more visible at the moment. Be joyful. Be kind. Help others. Whistle or sing while you work. Trust that all will work out in the end just as it should.