The Little Things

This is a crazy time in our world right now. We are literally fighting for our lives. While we are not moving about as freely as we are accustomed to, we have much for which to be thankful. I am so thankful that we have a God who never leaves us. No matter where we are or what our situation, He is only a prayer away. I am thankful for our President and Vice President and all those who are making decisions in the best interest of our country and its citizens. I am thankful for all the medical staff, firefighters, police officers, EMTs and paramedics, grocery store workers, gas station workers, restaurant workers, and the many others that my mind can’t remember now. I say thank you and pray that God blesses you with safety, rest, peace and even joy as you tirelessly work for all of us. You are appreciated.

I know that some are plotting evil and trying to profit off the misfortune of others. That has always been a part of humanity and always will be until Jesus returns. But I am constantly reminded of the Romans 12goodness of mankind. In trying times, it seems the best or worst can come out of us. I am so happy that I am seeing the best most of all. Many are helping their neighbors, doing what they can to provide much needed resources. Both corporations and individuals are stepping up to fill the gap. Little things when done by many, make a big difference. It makes me proud to be an American. The past few years have had many at each other’s throats and I am seeing now most of us are coming together as a country and putting the needs of all before the wants of our own. I think God gives us glimpses of this to encourage us.

The other day I was in a drive-thru line at a fast food restaurant.drivethru There was an elderly lady in the car in front of me. She appeared to be in her 80s and was having a difficult time with her order. I wondered if it was the first time she had ordered in a drive-thru line. She was alone in her car. She finally moved forward and so did I. While she was at the window to pay, I heard the cashier tell her that the person in front of her had paid her bill. That made my heart leap for joy. I have seen this before and done this before but…this was a special moment for me. I believe she needed that encouragement and love at just that moment and it warmed my heart. It may seem like a “little thing” but, to her that day, I believe it made a huge impact.

This is an entirely different thing but yesterday I received a “little thing” from my husband. He was spraying our yard for weeds (and he was using weed spray) – check out my previous post “Mistaken Identity” on March 4.4and5leafclovers He came in the back door and called for me to come see what he had for me. It was a four-leaf clover. He has brought me those before but this time, he also had a five-leaf clover with it. He said he was spraying and looked down and saw both right next to each other. Now, I don’t believe in luck or superstitions but…this brought a smile to my face and lightened my spirit. I felt like not only was it a gift from my husband, I believe it was also a gift from God. Sometimes the little things speak volumes.

Often, we don’t think we can make much of a difference, but we can. One person can make a difference. One “little thing” we do could be a big thing for someone else. I am encouraged to keep doing the “little things” I can and allow God to multiply them as only He can. That way, we will make a positive difference. What “little thing” can you do today?

I’d love to hear your stories of people doing the little things in your community. Please comment so we can all be encouraged. Thank you and God Bless.

Say your prayers, wash your hands, and keep your distance – just don’t forget to keep in contact with others. God is in control and we can trust Him!